Meanwhile, on Sunday, April 1st, 2012, the latest podcast episode appears:

Only The Ultraverse Is Finally Here! Podcast Episode 1

in this first episode of the Ultraverse podcast, we discuss the Ultraverse comics universe, the history, and what made the Ultraverse Universe unique!

Chiclo is a long-time fan of the of Ultraverse, and Sean is a new fan of Ultraverse.

We also discuss our reasons for stopping the Only The Valiant podcast, and deciding to move forward with the Only The Ultraverse podcast!

  • Our roots as Ultraverse Fans
  • The history of Malibu and the formation of the Ultraverse
  • The secret Image history of the Ultraverse
  • The rarest foil covered books
  • The secret history of why Marvel bought Ultraverse
  • Coloring and cartoon comics
  • Hardcase, and the core of Ultraverse
  • Night Man. Totally different from Shadowman
  • Oh, yeah, and Night Man got a terrible TV show
  • And somehow, there was a cartoon too
  • There’s more going on than is going on
  • The comparisons to Valiant keep going and going. They’re basically the same thing!
  • The Strangers Jumpstart took place one block from my apartment!
  • Right into the action!
  • The early comic superstars that started at Ultraverse
  • Mantra – naked at least once in each issue!
  • Look! We got diversity!
  • Who’s got the key page original art? This guy!
  • Insanely comic booky names
  • Stilt man gets a shout out
  • Yes, of course this sex-bot is part of my business plan

We also hear from some of the former hosts of Only The Valiant, and hear their thoughts on our choice to move forward in this bold new direction.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTU-episode001.mp3

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Total Time: 59 minutes