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Chiclo gets assaulted by Klingons

Chiclo gets assaulted by Klingons

Chiclo is a long time fan of Ultraverse. When he decided to start collecting full sets of old, no longer published comic book imprints, Ultraverse is one of the first that he completed.

Chiclo lives in Texas, and in addition to his appreciation of all things Ultraverse, he is the shows resident expert on all other dead comic universes, such as First, Future, Malibu, Comico, and (shudder) Valiant.

Chiclo is a long-time podcaster, and has been a host of the now-retired Only The Valiant podcast from the very beginning.

Chiclo seems to know at least a little bit about everything, from sales, to running for election, to history, theoretical physics, etc.

Also, to his wife’s chagrin, he knows that chicks dig Klingons.


Sean and Jim Shooter at NYCC

Sean and Jim Shooter at NYCC

Sean hasn’t been a fan of Ultraverse for very long, but he is quickly making up for lost time!

Sean gave up on comic books in high school due to “gas and perfume disease”, but returned to the world of comics in college (seriously, what a dork), and started buying tons of comics. Still, it took many years before Sean read any Ultraverse comic, but now that he has, he is eager to read and discuss them all.

Sean started the Only The Valiant podcast along with Chiclo, over four years ago, and finally decided to retire Only The Valiant, to concentrate on Ultraverse comics.

Sean resides in San Frantastic, California, only two blocks from the famous location of the Jumpstart shown in Strangers #1. It is the best city in the world, except for maybe some of the other cities in the world.