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Sorry, Ultraverse Fans, it WAS an April Fools joke

Written by Sean

Posted on April 1, 2012

Astute viewers may have noticed that this site really sprang to life on April 1st, 2012.

Only The Ultraverse has been a long-time inside joke of the Only The Valiant guys. The OTV podcast is dedicated to Valiant comics, and we are really, really excited that they are coming back this summer.

With them coming back, and general excitement for Valiant coming back, it seemed the right time to play a joke, that we weren’t excited at all, and ready to move on to another defunct universe of comics.

We recorded an episode and grafted our Only The Valiant site over here, I just replaced the word “Valiant” with “Ultraverse”.

If you found your way here because you are an Ultraverse fan, I hope that you can enjoy that you got a podcast episode out of it.

Who knows, maybe we will record more episode one day…

PLEASE READ: Endings and Beginnings

Written by Sean

Posted on

Over four years ago, I asked Chiclo if he was interested in recording a podcast about Valiant comics. We both thought it would be a fun way to spend some time, and talk comics.

Over the years, fellow co-hosts entered the show, left the show, and the podcast grew and grew.

The good news is that Valiant Comics is back! Chances are, if you found your way to this site, you found your way here from the Only The Valiant site.

What we have found, after a lot of soul searching, is that we just aren’t as excited about the new Valiant comics as we thought we would be.

The original Valiant comics won over our hearts and minds, and it was the original Valiant that prompted us to talk about them for over four years.

This new Valiant isn’t the same as the old Valiant, and we feel that we have said all that needs to be said about the old Valiant. We have decided to move on, and moving forward, we will be focusing on Ultraverse.

With that in mind, we are proud to present, the internet’s newest, and best podcast about Ultraverse comics!

We put a lot of soul searching into this decision. We think it was the right decision for us. We hope that all of the fans of Only The Valiant will continue to listen to our new show, Only The Ultraverse.

The show has a bright future, won’t you join us?

Welcome to the NEW

Written by sean

Posted on March 31, 2012

The redesign is done, please take a look around to see the new site.

There is more information and links presented in each episode listing, and the website now has an embedded mp3 player, so you can stream the latest podcast directly directly from your browser.

Keep coming back to the site, as there are a number of additions in the works.

Only The Ultraverse is Coming Soon!

Written by Sean

Posted on March 30, 2012

We are hard at work finally making the Ultraverse podcast a reality!

Only The Ultraverse will be the internet’s BEST podcast dedicated ENTIRELY to Ultraverse comics!

Wondercon Chronicles, Part 2

Written by sean

Posted on March 26, 2012

Wondercon Chronicles, Part 2

Ahhh, Saturday morning. After a quick bite to eat at Chik-fil-a with Elveen, we were back at the show for Day 2!

Wondercon Convention Hall on Saturday

Wondercon Convention Hall on Saturday

Coffee, Art, and Whiskey

Bloodshot Valiant Shot Glass

The soon to be used Bloodshot Shot Glass

One of my complaints about this show, there was NOT enough coffee. On my way to the show, I decided to stop at the Hilton, they have a Starbucks in the lobby. The line was out the Starbucks, and down the corridor towards the convention. At the coffee stand at the convention hall, I waited no less than 20 minutes for a coffee. Not good for the coffee addicts like myself.

Finally, with coffee in hand, I made my way to Artist Alley. I also had a treasure from the interview with Valiant, a Bloodshot shot glass! In artist alley, I stopped by the Action Labs booth and talked to Dave Dwonch. He had a bottle of whiskey hidden under his booth, and he hooked me up, and I broke in my Bloodshot shot glass properly. It was, after all, St. Patrick’s Day, and I have to celebrate my heritage! Erin go Braugh!

I walked through Artist Alley, bought a few things, talked to a few folks, and checked out the wares. Lots of creativity on display at the show.


I took a lot more pictures at the show than I usually do, here are some of the better costumes:

Robot Girl

Robot Girl

This girl looked really cool and really hot!

Gender Swapped Justice League

Gender Swapped Justice League

A gender bender Justice League, with all the gender roles reversed. Great costumes!

Superwoman racing the Flash

Superwoman racing the Flash

Superwoman racing the Flash.

Mandalorians on patrol

Mandalorians on patrol

Some Mandalorians, no doubt hunting down Jedi scum.

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Daredevil and Spider-Man, just chillin’ at the con.

Free Shrugs

Free Shrugs

Gotta give this guy props. He was giving away free shrugs all day long.

Sunday Sketches

Elveen and Sean

Elveen and Sean

Back to Sunday morning, Elveen and I recorded our wrap up of Wondercon for Episode 68. ‘Veen couldn’t make it to the show on Sunday, and he had a few outstanding Sketches for Charity to pick up from various artists. I got recruited. I spent a lot of the day walking through Artist Alley, touching base with artists about their charity sketches. The story of the sketches is Elveen’s to tell, so I’ll let him get to those himself.

I do have to say that the artists I talked to were incredibly nice and generous. It was a treat to meet them and talk to them, and the art that they created for charity was incredible! Some really great stuff.

I picked up a couple last minute purchases, a few 5-dollar trades, and such, and then I was off! Made the long drive back to San Francisco, arrived home a few minutes after midnight, and the weekend was over.

Wondercon was a fantastic show, anyone in the area (or even not in the area) should consider attending.

Wondercon Chronicles, Part 1

Written by sean

Posted on March 20, 2012

Wondercon has come and gone, and what a great show it was!

The show was in Anaheim, which is a change. It is usually in the Moscone Center, nestled by Downtown and Union Square in beautiful San Francisco. The Moscone center is also a 10 minute walk from my apartment, so the 7-hour drive down from SF to Anaheim was a bit longer of a commute.

Before The Storm

I arrived to the Anaheim Convention Center very early Friday morning due to a misunderstanding on my part about when the show began. Anaheim Convention Center has four halls on the main floor, Halls A, B, C, and D. Wondercon was in Hall D, while a women’s volleyball tournament was being held in Halls A, B, and C.

The Wondercon Convention Floor, before the doors opened

The Wondercon Convention Floor, before the doors opened

I picked up my press pass about 2 hours before the doors opened, and by a fluke, I ended up on the show floor, an hour and a half before the doors opened. It wasn’t deliberate, badge services were one level lower than the convention hall, so I hopped on the escalator nearest the Press booth, and it took me right up onto the show floor.

It was odd to walk down the aisles of the convention floor, before they were packed with people. I walked around, found the lay of the land, and took some pictures of the pre-show convention floor. Eventually, Bob from the Comic Book Page found his way up to the show floor, and we walked and talked comics for a bit.

At San Diego Comic-Con, being on the convention floor before the show starts is the dream, because you get first crack at the best convention exclusives. That wasn’t the case with Wondercon, it wasn’t a show with a lot of “convention exclusive” merchandise.

Friday Doors Open

The doors finally opened at noon, and the throngs of convention goers flowed in. Usually, the first thing I do is wander through the convention to get the lay of the land, and figure out what I want to do for the day. I already knew the lay of the land, so I just had to figure out what to do. I’m always a bit bewildered at the beginning of a convention.

I first purchased a few copies of Saga #1. The shop near work sold out the morning it came out, and I missed it. I read it on Comixology, and loved it. I wanted to own a few hard copies of the first issue.

The X-O Manowar Talking QR Code Poster

The X-O Manowar Talking QR Code Poster

With that purchase made, I took to the dealer booths that I had only glanced at before the doors opened. I figured out who had what, where the best deals were, who had the modern stuff, and who had the gold and silver stuff.

As I was walking, I noticed Dinesh and Fred (of Valiant Entertainment) talking to a dealer. I said hello, and met the rest of the Valiant team, Atom! and Hunter. We chatted a bit about what they’ve been up to, how the launch is going, and the OTV podcast. Most exciting for us, they were more than happy to sit down to record an interview with us for the show. We tentatively scheduled that for Saturday afternoon, and I went on my way to explore the show, while they went on to conduct the business of selling the best comics this year.

I got several of the talking X-O Manowar QR Code posters, and finally saw the talking poster in person. It was a visceral experience to see this in person, much more so than any video can convey. Luckily, Hunter was kind enough to give me enough posters to share, so keep your eyes open for a contest of some sort here on OTV to get one for yourself!

Hustle And Bustle

Valiant Gold Books on the walls at Wondercon

Valiant Gold Books on the walls at Wondercon

Elveen arrived at the show, and we hanged for a bit, wheeling and dealing. I bought a copy of Rai #0, and X-O Manowar #5. We talked while he shopped, and I wandered a bit while he poured through long boxes of comics. Our buddy Brian was at the show, another true blood Valiant Fan, and he came by for a bit to hang out and enjoy the show.

I picked up my big purchases from the show, several Artist Editions from the IDW booth. I picked up the two exclusive versions available at the show, the John Romita Spider-Man, signed by John Romita and Stan Lee, and with a pencil sketch of Spider-Man on a plate inside the book, and the Wally Wood Artist Edition, with a convention exclusive cover. In addition, a friend of mine asked me to pick up a Wally Wood for him, so I had a total of 4 Artist Editions to carry around. Heavy, heavy stuff!

After a quick bite to eat, and a drop off of our purchases, ‘Veen and I were back on the floor, this time in Artists Alley. Veen, of course, auctions comic book sketches for charity. He made the rounds, though the story of the sketches is his to tell.

After a few panels later in the day, I met up with some old and new friends from the Comic Page Forum and Comic Geek Speak forum for a tasty Chinese food dinner and good, geeky conversation. It was a great wrap to the first day of Wondercon!

A flock of R2 units at Wondercon

A flock of R2 units at Wondercon

Check back for Part 2, featuring Valiant Comics, shots of whiskey, and more comics!


Written by sean

Posted on September 14, 2011

Chiclo, Why are you so happy?

Chiclo, Why are you so happy? (Click to find out the answer!)

Why is Chiclo so happy?

What did he find on a recent adventure?

Click on the picture to find out, or just click here.