Episode 1: Only The Ultraverse Is Finally Here! Podcast Episode 1

in this first episode of the Ultraverse podcast, we discuss the Ultraverse comics universe, the history, and what made the Ultraverse Universe unique!

Chiclo is a long-time fan of the of Ultraverse, and Sean is a new fan of Ultraverse.

We also discuss our reasons for stopping the Only The Valiant podcast, and deciding to move forward with the Only The Ultraverse podcast!

  • Our roots as Ultraverse Fans
  • The history of Malibu and the formation of the Ultraverse
  • The secret Image history of the Ultraverse
  • The rarest foil covered books
  • The secret history of why Marvel bought Ultraverse
  • Coloring and cartoon comics
  • Hardcase, and the core of Ultraverse
  • Night Man. Totally different from Shadowman
  • Oh, yeah, and Night Man got a terrible TV show
  • And somehow, there was a cartoon too
  • There’s more going on than is going on
  • The comparisons to Valiant keep going and going. They’re basically the same thing!
  • The Strangers Jumpstart took place one block from my apartment!
  • Right into the action!
  • The early comic superstars that started at Ultraverse
  • Mantra – naked at least once in each issue!
  • Look! We got diversity!
  • Who’s got the key page original art? This guy!
  • Insanely comic booky names
  • Stilt man gets a shout out
  • Yes, of course this sex-bot is part of my business plan

We also hear from some of the former hosts of Only The Valiant, and hear their thoughts on our choice to move forward in this bold new direction.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTU-episode001.mp3

("right click/save as" on above link)

Total Time: 59 minutes

9 Responses to “Only The Ultraverse Is Finally Here! Podcast Episode 1”

  1. rasx says:

    the Ultraforce cartoon was pretty good.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. james flannery says:

    I loved the ultraverse from day 1…I purchased every book as they came out and I suffered through much ridicule from my comic circle for it yet still I endeavored…even to this very day. Thank you for the pod cast, I loved it. The Ultraverse will rise again!!!!!!!!!! Lets not forget George Perez, Jim Lee, Sergio Aragones made contributions to the Ultraverse. Thanks for your part in resuscitating the dead universe.Maybe next time you can touch apon the 5% creator ownership that could prevent Disney from ever utilizing the UV….I would like to hear more on the topic..Maybe bring up the recent Ultraverse retrospective at the SDCC. I had a great time listening guys. Please add sound effects to your show…

    • Hamine says:

      Seems all to simple, but when I do it, the email I get only has 1 atthmacent of all the contacts I sent. The atthmacent is a winmail.dat file. On top of that I can’t even open it. I tried sending fewer contacts, but get the same result. Thank Jerry

    • Abdou says:

      Hi Mike,I am looking froawrd to hearing about your experiences with Mr. Hopkins and I appreciate the time you take to share your voice and thoughts with us, the listening audience. I find your podcast both free flowing and on topic, and that is not found everywhere. The most interesting podcasts can do that. Red Ice, Chris Knowles where ever he guests, and often Freeman can do it as examples. Anyway, take your time- it will be worth it!Best wishes, Delorus

  4. Clark says:

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    • Kojo says:

      hi well i know i watched these epeodsis and one thing not mentioned is the unique and sad version of Sarah’s theme as its called LONDON bridge when Sarah is angry even though you don’t see her a very ANGRY version is played when she is happy they play a faster JOYFUL version but in these scenes when David has this feeling of impending doom f0r Burke a very sad version plays even Carolyn hears the music it upsets her..she seems to hear’ the message in it interesting i think..One other thing is the people who created the Face Book JONATHAN FRID FANS still miss him very sad..and it is very sad..he was ONE of a kind ..DS is one of a kind..I listened again to the FATE of the characters which starts with Jonathan Frid reading Shakespeare OUR REVELS now are ended a very fitting epitaph for DS its written by SAM HALL .which i think is interesting..its all days gone by..now most of the soaps on ABC are now GONE ..only one remains I saw DS from the start..and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from the start and I think saw MOST of AMC but they have all ended now other daytime stuff now..so its all kind of an end of a whole era now..but again not really an end for the actor who played Burke only even then he didn’t last long..ALL the actors on DS were awesome !! and there is a pic of Jonathan Frid < Kathryn Scott and Lara Parker meeting Johnny Depp that was not long before FRID died. sad posting here but memories..too..

    • Noe says:

      Sad to hear you’re bailing on GW2. I aolmst hit that point too. ORR is horrible, depressing and one of the worst zones I’ve ever had to stomach. Then I tried returning to other games and they feel much too old school after GW2 which suits my do what I want when I want gaming style. I’m over running back and forth to NPC with quests and only being able to complete that request in one exact manner. Plus the standstill combat in other games feels so ugh.I decided to find my own end game which is farming in Frostgorge Sound which is lovely and Southsun Cove to produce and sell exotic crafted items. I do the instances I enjoy and have started doing some WvW on my main. And now I’ve fallen in love with the Mesmer so I’m back to roaming zones I love the lower level game.

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